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I was just wondering if anyone has experience with using gold in these arionza waters, I am new to the area and just wanted to get some information out of some of ya :) . What are some of your big lipped, lipless, jerkbait, topwater colors? I can be use that a silver with a blue or black back would work but are you personal favorite(s)?

Chandler, Arizona

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Back in the day, gold Rapala minnows, bayou boogies,cordell spots, and any Berkley power worm were unbeatable for Saguaro lake.
Now, I would use 3" assassins in pearl color, flukes in pearl or white color ( I nose hook mine), white or pearl color cranks.
Norman baby bass, pearl colored fingerling shad, and 3/8 oz chrome Kastmaster work too!
4" Robo worms in oxblood, Aaron's magic, and babybass, Berkley 4" camo worms do well too! you want to drop shot or mojo rig because of the thick grass in the shallows.
Topwater, would be small Rico in baby bass, Zera spooks, and yamamoto buzzbaits.
Lil George tail spinners should be coming into their own right now too! They're versatile, you can cast them great distances and cover a lot of water or verticle jig them in deep water below the boat.
at Saguaro lake, you need to experiment quite a bit to see what the pattern is, the weather and lake level ( which changes daily, drastically) always comes into play.
if you find fish, it's your obligation to brag on this site on what you used, how deep, and most importantly, wher you found the fish! :wink:
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