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Got this in a email and all i have to say is...WOW!!!

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Next time, i'll take the pictures...

And YOU, can let the freakin bear out!


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Red X's? I guess i will shutdown and try to reopen.
Thats wierd! I can see them just fine! Will do it again!
Well? What mag you lookin at? You got us all lookin.
I see them

Well? What mag you lookin at? You got us all lookin.
LOL!!! Its not that good!!!
Came through fine for me
i couldn't help but to notice the guy has a side arm...
That guy had to have shit himself when he fell from the top of that cage
Ah, I see now.
im surprised thats all he suffered. one heck of a ride
I see them now, i saw that on the news about 6 months ago or so and that guy got frickin lucky he didnt get hurt more than that.
I can't believe they didn't track down and kill the bear, it clearly didn't show any fear of man or it would have ran into the underbrush. Hope the bear and the Fish and Game gentlmen are ok.
It just shows the power of email and the internet. I also received those images late Friday night way up here.

That was one angry bear.
The bear was pissed off and wanted a leg and any other body part. That sucker jumped out of the cage, 180 back, and found white meat just above the door. That bear should have been shot right there and then if they haven't already. No fear....
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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