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GPS for the car?

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We decided to get one of those dash mount GPS for trips. Mapquest sucks and it's freakin dangerous to read and try to drive anyways. Any reccomendations out there? We are looking for easy to use and good quality.
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i forgot the model but my aunt had a garmen,and it was small and i took us 50miles from her house in minnesota to the guys house where we baught the skeeter,it just under an hour in rush hour traffic,it was verynice fot the 150 bucks they paid for it
Get the TomTom jason they are very good and very up to date.
My wife has the Garmin Nuvi series. Not sure exactly what model buts its very simple to use. I just search my destination before I leave, save it and then go back to it easily. Very user friendly and nice big screen without being obstructive. Usually comes with dash and window mount and cigar plug charger. Internal battery last a while too.
Jason get the garmin nuvi 885 I think it is the one I got. Just talk to it and it will take you to all those trash bars you ******** like to go But really the 800 series are a good unit.
Second Phaz on the nuvi, My son bought me one for Father's day and I just love it. Nice technology.
+ 3 Nuvi
Would not consider traveling without one. Got the Garmin too. Was really great in Hawaii last year driving around Ohau. Germany next year.
I have a cobra but like the TomTom better. My nephew has 1 in his phone that works great. I think its a storm
This answer doesn't do you any good, but those that are considering a new car purchase and wonder if you should get the navi, I would say if you travel I give it two thumbs up. I travelled to San Fran with it and it was like I was a local. My car also has bluetooth and the cool thing is with the navi you can see what hotels are in the next city you plan to stop at. Once you chose the one you want, there is a dial button that you press on and it automatically dials the hotel. Next you chose the resturant and once again just press dial and make the reservation. We travel a lot on trips where we make several diversions and rarely make plans for where we are going to stop. It usually works out, but once going through Idaho there was a basketball tournament on and everything was booked up for miles. We kept driving and kept checking the next town or city for vacancy which we finally found. If we had to stop to do all that checking, it would have taken much longer.

For my day to day driving I don't use it much, but it can come in handy from time to time.
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Garmin Nuvi 255W. Wide screen, voice directions+excellent price.
WAGS says, "learn how to use a map and compass!" ;)
WAGS says, "learn how to use a map and compass!" ;)
no wonder your fkn lost
if your a fisherman then you know garmin
100 bucks works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
f tom-tom
looks like Garmin Nuvi it is. I have heard bad things about tom tom. Thanks fellas, once again you have come thru for me.
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