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Granddaughter's smallie trip

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After fishing alone all summer, I took our granddaughter out and had an opportunity to take a few shots. Now she is 4, and managed to catch a total of about 12 fish in a couple of hours. Her dad and I each managed a cigar.


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Way cool Decoy

Beautiful, nice job grandpops!
1st pic. Beat ya to the next spot, grrrr. Gotta love the young ones.
My 5 year old girl loves fishing as well; and yes is all pinked out when we go. I love it and just hope she keeps interest through the years. I am just waiting for that day when one of her boyfriends (20 years from now) tells her he wants to teach her to fish, only to get the reply “no, I’ll teach you to fish”…

Growing up, there was nothing better than a girl that loved fishing. Problem was, there were few… Funny when I was about 20ish, I recall dating a girl that I went camping with. Dated her about a month, went camping; I set up the tent, while she looked on sitting in her chair in the shade. Well, that night she stayed with someone else, and I never saw her again. Girls didn’t pass the test, they were immediately kicked to the curb. 3 years later I found my current (only) wife; she did not know how to fish, but loved camping and the outdoors. Today her only complaints come when I don’t position the back of the boat effectively enough for her… LOL, she loves fishing; I sure got lucky…

But that’s about 300 years from now; sorry man!!! Kids - man, stay focused!!! :OOPS:
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Very awesome!! Make a Grandpa - Dad proud i'm sure!
Thats awesome Art. She looks like she kicked a lil butt out there and it was a good time had by all I hope. There's no purer emotion than that shown by a child. The look on her face said it all. You gotta be proud.
cool pics Art, did she like fishing better or driving the boat?
THATS what fishing is all about. You are a lucky man
Actually, playing with the worms is her favorite, but fishing was second. She actually lasted about 2 hrs. before she wanted to move and "go fast."
That's awesome!! Nice pics and nice memories I'm sure!
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