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Grunt Work

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well, not going to be to hard of a day, just a lot of walking.

If anyone wants to pick up some extra dough shoot me a PM. The job is in Mesa and your looking at a full day 6-2:30 $12.00 hr
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nice of you....surprise no offers, hopefully some PM's
Can it be done on a weekend? Could maybe go for a little extra, to pay for my radar tkts.
I might have a guy for you if you dont get any offers
Ya what day if it is before this weekend i am in.
Sorry guys, I totally crashed last night. I didn't realize how tired I was, I should have left my number you could have just called. I really need someone today, tomorrow, and maybe Friday. Possibly next week.

Hit me up if you can pull it today, I have to run some suplies up to a jobsite in Phoenix and then I'll be heading to the Mesa Jobsite about 6:30am

seat filled
Thanks Just J

And Thank you everyone that called, I had crappy reception in the Tower so I was unable to call anyone back.

I am putting together a Saturday teardown, If any of you are still interested. Job is in Mesa, as it stands now we can get in at 7am and will take a whole day if not more. Looks like I could use 4-6 guys!

Please let em know!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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