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I have been fishing since I was old enough to hold a pole. I lived on the Missippi River in Monticello,Minn. We moved here when I was 10 back in 64'. Jobs were scarce and my father had to work almost all of the time. He had no idea how or what to use coming from Minn. as far as AZ FISHING. I am 48 now and most of what I know about AZ fishing came from guys like you find on AZBASSZONE. Last spring I met Ned 02 and Ranger on the lake at Sagauro. I was teaching a close friend of mine from Romania how to bass fish. Those guys were catching fish like crazy. They invited us to pull up to their spot and also gave us each a lure like they were using. My friend and I caught a bunch of fish. It was one of the best times my friend has ever had. He went home proud of his catch, to show his wife and young kids. Now he goes fishing whenever he can and takes his 6 yr. old son. They fish from shore, he can't afford a boat right now. Anyway, these guys invited me to join their web site and I am glad they did. Sometimes I cant get out and fish and post,however I still get to enjoy the lake as if I were there, thru their posts. Believe me, thats better than nothing at all. Remeber we all have one thing in common FISHING. Thx to All who post. Jeff Belding
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Jeff, nice post. Glad to hear you caught some fish. Ned02 and Ranger, great sportsmenship on your part. Jeff, if you see me out on Saguaro or Canyon there stop by and say "Hi." I'll be in the dark crankberry 20'6" Ranger with a Merc engine. I'm in the AZBassZone picture gallery that you can get to from the home page. 8)
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