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gun websites

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anyone know of any web sites where I could find the value of some guns my father left me before before he passed on? Hate to do it but times are tough:(
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And with that list, let us all know where you live, and when you'll be away from home. Why the hell would he tell anyone what he's got, unless he's looking to sell. will give you what people are paying around the U.S. The Blue Book will give you a value but it could be high or way low depending on what the guns are.
Mags-he is looking to sell or he wouldn't have said "times are tough". Let me know if you have a 4 inch Colt Python.
thanks most are youth guns,410 topper jr model shotgun singleshot mod choke,single shot 22 bolt action springfield savage 120,22 semi auto stevens 887 stuff I was gonna pass on to my kids,but with times the way they are probably have to part with
looks like I have to pay to access those websites anyone know of any "free" ones? Thanks again
auction arms and gun brokers do not require to pay to read them.

Step 1 Evaluate the condition of the gun which you are trying to get free gun values for. The gun should be in proper working condition if you are looking to sell it. Same goes for one you want to buy. It should be in proper working order.

Step 2 Make note of the exact model of the gun and the manufacturer. Jot down the serial number and the year the gun was manufactured as well. That will be important when obtaining free gun values.

Step 3 Contact the manufacturer. They will need all of the information in the previous step. They cannot give you free gun values, but they can tell you if the gun you are valuing had any problems or the flip site, was a particularly accurate or durable gun. This will give you an idea of how to adjust your value.

Step 4 Look online and in gun shops to see what people are selling other guns like yours for. Chances are you will not find the exact same gun from the exact same lot. If you do, then that is the best way to find free gun values.

Step 5 Once you have found some similar guns, make adjustments to the sales cost based on your research. It is important to compare it with guns made by the same manufacturer only. This should give you a good idea what the value of the gun is. Remember though, like anything else, the gun is only worth what someone will pay for it.
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I could use that .22 single shot. You should take photo's and list
They are both free websites. On Gunbroker to check completeted auctions you have to register but I think it is free. If not send me a list and I will check out the auctions and give you a high and a low for the condition.
If he wanted to sell to anyone on here, he probably would have put something up like a list. Looks like he is looking for some pricing first before he throws it out there. Best thing to do, is call around locally, see if anyone has what you've got, then get some price ranges. Book value and street value can be a good difference at times.
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