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Hammerless Revolver

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Afternoon Gents,

I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on a hammerless revolver. It's going to be for my girlfriends concealed carry weapon. She does not want to spend an arm and a leg on this gun, but would like one that would fit in her purse and is not going to get hung up on things. She currently shoots a Glock 19. Any suggestions on a nice shooting revolver?

Thanks for your help!!!

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My wife carries a Smith & Wesson 38 cal. that is hammerless. It is a very reliable gun, and is small enough to fit in her purse. It also has the power to stop someone in their tracks.
I have the S&W .38. It is a great gun. Not sure if you are sold on a revolver, but my mom carries a Sig .380. It is a sweet little semi-auto. Light, compact, and smooth to fire.
smith & wesson 38 air weight. great shooter and hamerless and light for a purse.
Ruger and Taurus are much less expensive than a Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson would be my first choice. I also dont at all recommend a woman carry a gun in her purse. What is the one thing theives target from a female. Their purse. If someone snatches her purse, she has had her method of defense taken from her. Just something to consider. A small revolver or even a KelTec P3AT or Ruger LCP would get the job done, and she could put those in her pocket or small belt holster.
Buy a Smith and Wesson....don't ever shortcut a personal defense weapon. As far as I know, Ruger does not make a hammerless revolver, which leaves S&W your only option. Taurus' quality has come light years since they first started importing, but I don't think they make a hammerless model either.
Use an inside the belt holster and Federal Hydra-shoks; low recoil and plenty of stopping power.
The Ruger LCR (lightweight compact revolver) is hammerless
Wasn't aware of that one...I like Ruger's quality, and they do tend to be cheaper than S&W.
She wants the hammerless revolver for a point and shoot capability without having to withdraw from her purse in a bad situation. With the Sig, there's a chance of the slide catching on something and jamming up.

I have the S&W .38. It is a great gun. Not sure if you are sold on a revolver, but my mom carries a Sig .380. It is a sweet little semi-auto. Light, compact, and smooth to fire.
Thanks guys, a lot of good suggestions to think about and discuss with her about it.
Howdy Matrix1977, and et al.,

It is good to have her try them out first before spending money. While they feel good at the counter, how they handle in live fire is important. If you've got places where you can rent and try, that is the way to go.

While I've run quite a few S&W, and Rugers, for CCW the new Ruger LCR is well made, very accurate, and good value.

I found the trigger to be very helpful in putting the shots on target in both slow and rapid fire. While I normally compete with "bottom feeders" I may buckle up and run the LCR at one of the local club level matches. Since this is new to me it has only ~ 250 rounds through it. I am looking forward to a long term assessment. So far it has exceeded my expectations and performed extremely well with all the various personal defense loads, standard and +P.

It is at a similar level of accuracy as my G-17 and G-26 at 25yrds. Just under 3 inches. However I find it is rough to only have five in there... << need more bullets... >>

I also found out that the HKS brand speedloaders work well with it, the Safariland ones for the S&W J frames do not, just not quite enough clearance with the standard Hogue grip. Your mileage may vary...

Best of luck to you in your search and enjoy the shopping!

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ruger and s/w are both nice guns.. but the one that fits her hand and she feels most comfortable holding and aiming is what she should go with. if she's not comfortable with the feel and action(keeping in mind the action will be stiffer new than after a few hundred rounds shot through it) she won't be comfortable in an emergency. also revolver trigger pull can be easily adjusted.
I see you are in Gilbert. Caswells Shooting Range use to have a fairly extensive selection of handguns you could rent to try out. If you do not already know, it is in the business park behind In n Out on the Northwest corner of Stapely & Baseline. I have not been there in a few years though.
J frame, but not one of the scandium or airweights. Those can kick like a mule.

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Hey matrix1977,

There's a new Cabela's sale starting Thursday the 17th and they have the Taurus 85 Ultralite .38 Special/Hammerless on sale for $299.99

Looks like a very nice revolver for a good price. It's a blued or blacked out version that's proper for concealed carry.

The .38 Special is a great round for a small frame revolver. Men can beat on their chests all day long and say they'd prefer the .375 Magnum, and that's all fine and dandy, but most woman will find the .38 Special plenty of gun for them. With a good hollow point it has great stopping power without the huge recoil of the .375 Magnum. This allows for quick after shot recovery, target re-acquisition, and second or third shot discharge if necessary.

Plus most women's hands are relatively small compared to men's hands and the larger frame and grips of the .357 just isn't comfortable for them. If the gun is uncomfortable for them they will just not form a bond with it and you're defeating the intended purpose in the first place.

Just a heads up on the sale and a little opinion to boot.

By the way, if your a Cabela's Club member, they emailed out a coupon good for $20 off of a minimum $120 purchase on the 10th...Just print it out and take it with you for another $20 off the gun. That makes it an even more appealing deal!


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J frame, but not one of the scandium or airweights. Those can kick like a mule.

J frame?? airweights?? All i see are breast!
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