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Happy Birthday Sir Donut Man!

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Rich! Honest! I posted this before I went fishing this morning! It's Del's and DA's fault it wasn't transferred! No really! It is! :lol:

Happy Birthday Friend! Soon it will be cooling off and we'll get to see you at the lake again!! Hope you've enjoyed your day!
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Hey Rich, I remembered this at work today but didn't have your e-mail address with me. Happy birthday!! You and Timex keep on tickin', eh?
Hey!!! Happy B-Day Rich!!! How many does this make, 32??? :wink: Hope it's a good one for ya! It's getting cooler out (....or will be getting cooler out) hope to catch you out on the water again soon. C'ya! Sir (Not) Skunked Allot (Anymore) :wink: :lol:
Rich - Happy BDay! See you out on the water soon. :)
Boy Howdy! Another birthday celebration for Rich! Hope you have many more my friend!

Remember she's blonde. What are the odds that Del would be awake that early to be transferring files before NC's post?
:wink: :lol:
Happy B-Day Rich

HaHa Da. Ive been known to get up early.


Happy Birthday Big Daddy!!! :D
Thank you all. Had a great birthday (59). Went to Red Lobster tonight, and pigged out. Thank God for Zocor. And to you Denny, my friend, all I have to say is "Boy Howdy, cant wait til the next MBC Tourney. This cooler weather sure feels good. My partner and I are going to try to make it to SAG Monday. See you all at the wedding Saturday. Rich
Under the wire

Rich happy birthday to you :lol:
May you have many more :) .
See you on the lake soon :shock: .
Happy Birthday Rich! We gotta get that purty Skeeter back in the water! It's gotta be screaming for some water! Take care, my friend, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :D

John and Wendy
Happy Belated Birthday Rich. Glad to read that you enjoyed your day yesterday. Yes, cooler weather is on it's way and I'm looking forward to it myself. See you out on Saguaro soon.
happy b-day rich,sorry 'bout bein late,been at apache since thursday.cya soon
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