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Well I decided to take my father-in-law up to Havasu yesterday. I have never fished the north end before. We launched at 0600 hoping to find a few striper boils at the mouth but the lake was too choppy, so no dinner for me tonight. We went up river as far as the no wake zone in the narrows where we started fishing. We had a few short strikes on a buzzbait and a zara spook, but no hook ups. We were able to catch a few on cranks, but the best bite came off of a senko. We floated from the narrows all the way down, almost to the mouth. Most of the bass come out of 8-10 feet of water (the weed line). We did float over a few smallies out in about 10-15 feet of water. We caught about 3 largemouth, 1 nice bluegill, and about 18 smallies with alot of misses. They would bite the back end of the senko off. The best fish of the trip was a 2.8 # smallie, with about 4-5 other hitting the 2# mark.
While we were fishing a cove a guy and his dog pulled up and asked if we knew how to remove a hook from his finger. I said " I seen it done before and I know I won't feel a thing". The guy had caught a smallie an a vixin and while trying to remove the lure the bottom trebble went into his finger deep. He asked again if I knew how to do it and I said well I've seen it done on paper and I'm sure I could do it. My father in law held the two boats together as I carefully removed the vixen from the hook so that when I yanked it out the other hook would'nt get him. I pulled out about 3 feet of 65# braid doubbled it over and looped it over the hook, then wrapped the rest around my two fingers. I had the guy hold his finger against the boat to prevent any movement. Then counted 1...2....YANK... The hook popped out at about 90MPH hitting my father in law in the face then falling in the water. The guy did'nt even fell a thing, I hope. He said thanks and headed on his way, and we went on a fishing. Just call me DR.AB J/k.
One thing I did notice in Havasu that I dont see in Yuma, is that most boaters wave at one another as they go buy, weather in a bass boat or ski boat. It felt kinda nice. Anyway we fished about 9 hours and I could of fished till dark, but I had to drive back to Yuma and did'nt want to be too tired. Weather was nice all day.
Cant wait to go back.
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