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have a question

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does anybody know that website that sold that but seat that said it took away back pain i dont remember the website that it was on hopeing you guys could help me out thanks.
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119 bucks for a butt back would have 2 hurt pretty bad to pay that
thanks guys i was just trying to remember the web site man those arnt cheap at all.
No there not cheap but if you have a bad back like me they are worth every Penny of it.Here is a report I did on mine.
The seats are upholstered by the guy that does Triton Boat seats
119 bucks for a butt back would have 2 hurt pretty bad to pay that
You have not been around long enough to even understand back pain and thank your lucky stars. First, Take a look at a factory butt seat like Triton, it sells for $125. That seat is a SAS seat and there is a reason why it cost what it does. I just bought a new seat and power pole with base plate and it was $200 W/O shipping. Next do a little research on the back and how the muscles are tied together. Then understand what I call the little jelly donuts that sit between each vertebrae and what happens if one ruptures, herniates or is just bruised.

Good luck Jerkbait hope that seats brings you a lot of relief, keep us posted.
These butt seats look comfy :moon:...
Thanks for the info JB, my back needs all the help it can get, i'm getting me one ...

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