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Headin to Rosey 4 Sum Crappie/Bass

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My brother and I are heading up to Rosey tonight for a weekend of fishing. Would like to get on some good crappie bite at night. Have not seen too many crappie posts. Looking at fishing the Salt end. Anybody have ideas on where to start?
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there's a crappie tourney there this weekend.
I guess that explains that. Do you know where they are launching from?
info's in the thread 'mark your calenders.
hmmmm...that thread says Oct 9th and 10th. Must be missing something!
oops! i think i may have been mistaken... i don't fish rosey very often so no help. sorry for the confusion.:OOPS:
no problem...that's actually good news. More for us! That is if we can find them.:confused:
A few of us are crappie fishing there this weekend but no tournament.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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