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Heading to Lake Mary this Afternoon

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Hey guys I am heading up to Lake Mary this weekend just to get away from the madness for a spell. We will be staying up at the family cabin in Mormon Lake. If weather permits we may head out for an evening bite but for sure I will be going out Saturday morning - afternoon.

Anyhoo I was wondering what has been working up there lately. Last time I was there (Early July) jerkbaits and spinnerbaits were matching live bait fish for fish.

Whats the bite like now?

What's Working?

Lovey, you or Franklin been up there lately and would you be willing to offer me some info?:biggrin:

I will be the only one tossing lures. I will most likely have my kids and a newbie on board. They will be tossing live bait. If you guys head up there, I will be in the camo and white tinny with a red interior you can't miss it.
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I was up there this past Sunday and fished from the bank. Caught 3 in about a 2hr span. I used 1/4oz Rooster Tails. Yellow with black pattern, Trout pattern, White with silver pattern. Cloudy and breezy late in the afternoon.
i snuck up there wed. and caught some decent northerns,didnt get a bite til around 9:00am, all on a jerkbait.
When did the weather roll in in the afternoon?
Was up there last weekend also. Morning & evening topwater action using a buzzbait. Nothing real big but a whole lot of short strikes, had to put on a trailer hook for hook-ups. For some reason, they didn't seem to want my vixen or rico just the buzzbait. Like others have said, white or chart spinner baits are working also.

They are finally installing docks at the ramps. One dock has already been installed and they are working on the other. Only one of the two ramps (not including the Narrows) were open last weekend.

Clouds came rolling in around 5 - 5:30PM. We drove over to Ashhurst Lake to check it out (had never been there) and we got dumped on.
the dock is nice! just fyi to anyone heading out there durring the week when there isnt any one to staff the fee station, do the right thing and pay your $5 and put your envelope in the box, i did do it and noticed that when i went to load up the boat the rangers had come by and put one of those tags you put on your rear view mirror sayin that you paid up. i almost didnt figuring nobody would check but they do so like i said fyi.
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