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I hope all is well with everyone. I tore apart two curados today to Clean them, etc... I took careful note of the order of disassembly. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that two washers were cupped on each when I dismantled them and now don't know which way they go. I've looked at the shimano web site and still can't tell. To anyone who may know....

There are three washers in a row in assembly. The first two, of equal size, have an oblong hole (for lack of a better term) in the center to fit the shaft. The third is larger and gold on one side. Assuming the first two are this ")" and the gold sided washer is this "l", how do they go in order? Like this? ))l Or this? ((l

Thanks to anyone who may know who will share their knowledge.
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Desert Cajun,

The washers can be placed either way )( or (). Everything I have read is that () is preferable. Those two washers go on first and then the washer with the gold side out.

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