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help! I am stuck need a tow!

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Hey my passenger bearing just went out and I am stuck in carefree. Please help me602-448-2218
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just talked to him, says hes waiting on a flat bed to come get his boat.
that sucks!!!!
Hope u got a tow. u got a good little signature desert billy. lmao
called the guy and he said he is o/k and dont need help anymore
passenger bearing????
I lost my bearings once!

I personally want to thank Just J, R61, Lowerunit, The RIG and all the unbelievable guys from this website who called me after reading this post. It just goes to show you that this website is much more than just a fishing site, it's an entire community that takes care of their own. Everyone of you guys are incredible and I don't know what I would have done without your help. My friend who was with me said he would not believe it if he didn't see it himself. I post on this site that I need help from my blackberry in a Bashas parking lot in cave creek and I get instant phone calls from guys whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting yet wanted to go out of their way to help save my ass. I have friends I have known for years who wouldn't do that. Thank you, Thank you.

Just J thanks! I contacted Unique Towing and they are able to tow boats. they came in at the same price as Tows R Us who I had called after someone else reccommended them to me before your call. They were already on their way but I am adding Unique to the very short list of towing companies who are willing to come out and save your ass when one of your bearings decides to grenade on you.

Long story short, blew my front bearing, cap and bearing buddy of the passenger side wheel sometime on the way into Bartlett from Peoria. Did not notice it until after I launched. I knew I was FUBAR and was already here so I stayed to fish (I am posting a report after this) After, I decided to try to make it to Carefree going less than 20mph all the way. just got into town when I decided not to push my luck. Pulled into Bashas just as the rest of the hub disintigrated and the front bearing race fell out, and the rear let go.I definitely know I am going to need a new hub, bearings and everything else that goes with that. I just hope the axle isn't bent.

Guys save these numbers for Future Refrence:

Here is who I was reccommended that actually answered their phone on a holiday after 3:30pm that will tow you if you Ever have major trailer problems.

Tows R Us : 480-990-7582 (Cost from Cave Creek to Peoria for me was around $200 - $250, Prices were quotes and right around the middle), the guy who helped me, John, showed up on time, took alot of care while hooking up my trailer, had lots of helpful information, and didn't try to screw me on the price. First tow guy I have ever tipped, and I like old cars so I have been towed alot. Apparently he's helped a few zoners out in the past. Located in South Scottsdale.

Unique Heavy Recovery : 623-516-8700 (Around $200 for the cave creek to Peoria, prices were quotes) Just J told me about these guys. The lady on the phone was very patient with my impatience while quoting me a very fair price. If my first tow call did not show up on time she would have recieved my business. They are located in the west valley off of Deer Valley.

These prices weren't too bad for calling them from 3:30 - 4pm and on a Holiday weekend, and a 30 mile one way trip ( actually 29.8 but who's counting?).

BOAT US 24 Hour Dispatch Center (Members with Trailer Protection):
800-391-4869. Even though the guy understood that I wasn't a member, he still went out of his way to help me find some towing company to help me. Unfortunately, the companies he had listed for the area I was in was out of date. I appreciate the effort and am now considering a membership. Free emergency towing!

Things you need to know,
YOU WILL NEED A FLATBED. You need to tell them, Length of Boat including Trailer. Type of Boat. Beam of Boat and total Width of Trailer. Axle Type Single or Dual.

Help them load and unload your ride, it lets you baby your ride onto the trailer, saves them time, and may get you a lower charge.

You definitely need to remove all your rods and gear before they come.
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Glad all is well and hats off to those who offered the help.--even you noel:D:D. It is good to know that there are still some good people out there and many of them right here on the zone who will step up and help their fellow sportsman in a time of need. To come forward on a holiday weekend no less and offer assistance is a cut above. I am proud to be a part of it and will do whatevfer I can at the time should any of my fellow zoners need some help. World would be a better place if more people would adopt this mind set.

Hats off guys !!!!!!!
Glag you got takin care of. Good thing it wasnt 110 out side. LOL.
cool guys
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