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John, did you find the back door at the church yet??
Probably the easiest way to get to the reception (the SRP PERA Club) is to head north on Scottsdale Rd. Go north past McKellips about 1/2 mile and turn left (west) at Continental Dr. (there's a light there). Stay on Continental and go all the way to the end (past a couple stop signs and a traffic light at 68th St.). It'll deadend at the PERA Club. Go through the gate and the guard shack. The reception will be upstairs in the 2 story building. Maybe "deadend" wasn't the right word to use today?? I'm not sure if anyone will be working in the office there today, but if you get lost, the 2 numbers to try would be 602-236-5782 or 602-236-5783.
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