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Heres some scarey shit

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Coming home a few hours ago, a buddy was following me.
we pull up to this intersection and I am looking at this pretty nice harley. windows down you can hear the motor purr,our light turns green we take off when all of a sudden a car runs a red and I slammed on the brakes, the guy in the harley slammed on his and hit the car just behind the front wheel.
(the harleys wheel sticks into the side of the car) the back of the bike went into the air and the guy stayed on.(amazing)
being I was there when it happened and kinda felt sorry for the guy on the bike(he wasnt hurt) I figured I would stop( I knew a fight was going to happen) my buddy pulls in behind me. by the time I get to the guy on the bike he and the lady driveing the car are already in an argument(she is saying we ran a red) then her lay offed brother who's gotta play he man jumps out of the car. he starts mouthing off to the biker. I told them both to cool it and just goto the side of the road. I called 911.
after it rang for ever(like 20 rings) I am telling the lady what happened. no one is hurt blah blah blah. when talking to the lady on the other end the layed off live in brother decided hes going to play the man. The 911 lady hears this shit over my phone. I tell her to hang on and tell them both to shut the f up again. this didnt work so I stepped in between them. and started talking to the biker guy(he seemed less upset and easier to talk to)I get back on the phone and say it might be a good idea if they hurry(there is a police station 500 yards away) cause a big fight was going to happen soon. just when I said that the layed off brother says he's going to shoot the biker. and walks quickly to the back seat or trunk of the car. Since I didnt have my 45 on me and kinda felt nekid with out my gun I started walking away only thinking about my kids( no shit I was scared, not a good neighborhood) I kid you not I thought this guy was going to start shooting( he didnt pull the gun but threatened he was getting it). So the 911 operator heard all this and I said it might be a good idea to get here fast and I am walking out of this area.

well the brother walked away from the car so I walked back to the car and tried to keep the peace so to speak. didnt work very well it got close at times but we didnt let him close to the car. there was 2 other guys there as well in the same car but they were cool about it.(they probally had jobs and werent mouching off there sister). then the brother takes the little girl(she was in the car as well) and walks off to circle k for some reason. ok 10 mins gone by still waiting on the cops. the lady starts mouthing off at the biker again and he was mouthing back. cops finally showed up. about 15-20 mins later could have been less but I smoked 4 cigerettes and finished a coke). mean while the mouthy one was still in the store.
when he comes walking back he is already mouthing off. thats when the cops walked to him immediatly and kept him away from the car. 10 mins later we were done and went home. The cops did tell the brother if he didnt shut up he would be arrested.

Ive been in some pretty scarey shit but this one took the cake.
Ive been shot at, watched some guy try to rob a store ( I had my daughter with me)but his pistol fell down his pants(no shit) but in all the instance's I was in pretty much control and knew what I was going to do , but this time I was kinda scared. when some gangbanger tells a biker he is going to shoot his ass and I am standing next to the biker while the guy(supposibly is looking for his gun) is a weird feeling.

I guess its time to start carrying my gun again, I just cant take that chance of getting into a gun fight and not being ready.
I guess when you start to think about your kids thats pretty scared. it was the first time I ever thought about anything other than the situation I was in.

As far as if I had my gun with me I would have used it if need be. I wouldnt have pulled it just because the guy was making threats but if the guy showed a gun or grabbed for the gun I would have had mine on him fast. after that it would be up to him in what happens next.

Pretty shitty times when people start saying they are going to shoot people for a simple car wreck with out injuries.


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Man Del! Maybe we need to start a page for you too! "CSI _" :lol:

When you have kids you look at everything a whole lot differently! Glad no one got hurt in that situation.
Great story, did you get any fishing equipment out of the car? I am guessing you were replenishing inventory, being out that late.
Dang Delw, I'm glad you made it out of there OK. I hate carying a gun. Don't get me wrong, I love guns and I've shot guns all of my life. I just don't like feeling the need to have one with me. There are a couple little lakes down here that make me wish I had one with me though. But you're right, that's sad when a worthless "pizza spit" is ready to shoot someone over a NON INJURY accident.

Again, I'm glad you made it out of there OK but do us a favor, next time just get the hell out of there! :wink:
Del you need to stop fishing in Compton!
Just glad to hear you're alright! It's tough to be a good samaritan these days. I'm sure the biker appreciated your help. Good thing you thought about your kids. Life's too short. We have far too many reminders. Give the wife and kids a big hug and kiss tonight. Take care Bro, you know I have your back!

always carry your gun RULE # 1, never leave home without it.
especially in phoenix !
there`s too many weird mother`s in this world.
hell, i even carry it in my boat when i`m bass fishing.

Johnny. I used to carry all the time even when fishing. but since I take the little girl I dont carry the gun anymore(she is into everything)
Plus being I dont drive to many place's with the exception of pleasant I dont have it as much.
I kinda got out of the habit of carrying but quickly got back into it.


Ya them Bass at Pleasant can get pretty pissy at times. Need to Show them who`s boss.....heheheeheh
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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