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Your lucky you don't work in Globe. Bad fanger story unfolding here. A guy calls the PD and tells the dispatcher there is a 901H at his motel room. Dispatcher asks if he knows who it is and he responds yeah ME! This sounds like suicide by cop to me. Anyway they send some officers to the motel and the guy is not in his room. While talking to the desk clerk he goes out the drive and the chase is on. They catch up to him in what sounds like a busy gas station. The officers did not even call in the stop a deputy that was called for back-up reported them out of there vehicles. Then shots fired called! Several long seconds go by then a call for the medics. Seems like he must have come out shooting and did not give anyone a chance to do anything but shoot back. Finally heard only suspect hit, called for shoot team, must have hit him good. Bummer! I know the officers involved and glad it wasn't one of them, but now they are going to have to live with this. Just because some fanger couldn't figure out a better way :(

I have seen that sort of thing happen. idiots dont have enough guts to take themself out so they get the cops to do it. what they do not realize is that we do not do this job to hurt maim or kill people. and the poor cop that did the shooting has to live with himself for the rest of his life wondering if they should have or could have done something different.
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