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Holiday Marine

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I didn't go fishing this morning but had Ken from Holiday Marine stop in for an impeller change. This is the way to go for any of you that have boat servicing needs. I've heard a lot about this guy through the boards and was definitely not disappointed - what a convenience to have him come to you. He does not charge more than the shops (probably less) and you have no down time! What a deal! Great guy, too! East Valley only.
Ken travels with sidekick "Quincy" (9 week old German shorthair) so customers must have a yard for Quincy to stretch his legs! :) I can see Baxter calling to make an appointment already! :lol:
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How did that 6 year old impeller look?..Half the time he has finished working on my boat before I even know he is here.
Thanks for the good info Bayou! ...and the good reply Ned02. I think we could make a book out of the good recommendations to use this guy. If things work out, I might find my self working up that way and I'll be able to use his work too.
Bayou here...
Jack - The impeller was still good although it showed signs of poor insulation - no cracks, however!
I just recently used Hoilday and he did a very good job. I live on the N/W side of phx and he made the effort to come out my way. He did charge me $20 for gas. I would certainly use him again.... and you don't lose oyur boat for a month.
I think Delw does work on that side of town.

new impellor

I just had my impellor replaced, took some time but the h2o pressure has dramatically increased, was running 15-18 now 25ish psi. J & S Marine in Mesa did it for me. later
I userd del 2 times he was fast and a good price. I woud highly reccomend him.
I wasn't sure if Delw was still doing boat work or not but I used him to put my new trolling motor on as well as for some parts, and advice. Delw is another one who comes highly recommended.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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