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We were out on Canyon lake about 6am on labor day and decided to head way up lake to see what was going on in new territory for us. We threw out everything in the tackel boxes to see if anything would work. They were out there and I actually poked one with the tip of my rod and my partner netted a small one that was hanging by the boat. I dont know what was going on but they wouldnt bite anything. So on the trip back I was watching the finder to check out the bottom structure a little more closely. By one of the reef boueys it was 8 feet then dropped to about 40. The finder said fish ahoy. So we checked it out, nothing but cats, and i mean a ton about 1/2 lb to 6 was what we caught. Well there is the story my first official post...... now can someone help out with the bass now??????

I think I know the spot way up the river that you're talking about. On my first and only trip to Canyon fishing for bass this summer I found the same spot and marked a ton of fish. I didn't catch any because I was hoping they were bass. Keep posting, there are guys on here who can help you catch bass on Canyon. Its not me though. LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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