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I have an 82 Ranger. The person I bought it from mounted a hot foot on the left side. The cable sticks even though I replaced it. It just doesn't like the bend. I need to mount to the right side but cannot screw to the bottom of boat. The floor is the bottom of the boat. Was thinking of glueing a piece of wood to the floor and screwing the hot foot to that. Anyone have suggestions on type of glue or way to mount it. Is hot foot worth it? Should I go back to the hand throttle? Not sure if there was a problem with hand throttle in the first place. Trying to get boat ready for a MMBC tourney if they are still going on.

Thanks for inputs.

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The only way to properly mount it is to fiberglass a board to the hull. go to home depot get a piece of poplar or any hardwood about an inch wider on each side and an inch longer on the top and bottom. bevel the sides and coat it with fiberglass resin. cut your carpet where you want to mount it and sand down to bare glass. coat the bottom of the boat and the board with the resin then set it down. place fiberglass cloth about 4 inches wide all around the edges and glass it in. now you will have to replace the carpet where you cut it out. simple
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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