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How Many fish did you catch?

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How many times have you been asked that question and you try to remember how many you did catch or you lose count of the fish you caught while fishing.Well I fished with a guy the other day that solved that problem.He had a little chrome counter around his neck and every time he caught a fish he would just click the counter.I got to get me one there under $5
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Snag and I would always argue who caught the most fish, most weight, and biggest fish. I created a log and used one page for each trip. We would weigh every fish, and in an excel type format I would also have the where, time of day, depth of water, and bait type. Fish under a pound would be called a dink. I kept that log for about 5 years. Now when I go out, I will refer to that, looking to see what I used, and where I fished for that date in previous years. It would remind me of baits I have forgot about.
I rarely forget how many fish I catch unless its one of those days that are over 20 fish. Then I just say we had over twenty.
I used those for counting bed fish( not fishing actually counting how many beds) at lake pleasant for years, they work pretty good

I friend of mine invited me to go fishing with him last week and he brought along the chrome counter and we ended up catching 129 LMs. There would have been no way to tell without the clicker. I am definately going to pick one up. It was my best day on the water by far.
basspro has them under $5 their called crappie counters.
Catching too many fish to count? Sounds like a good problem to have!
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