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How's Ken doing?

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Anybody seen Ken lately? I sure miss him! I know he has his dogs to tend to besides the fishing. I was just wondering....... Matt
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I really miss him as well. I haven't spoken with him a couple of months, all of my fishing questions are piling up in my head getting ready to explode. I hope everything is well. Josh
Got an email from him today and if the content was any indicator he just fine just very busy.
I was wonering about him to .I have not seen him on the lake in a while or read one of his posts.
Don't forget to pay him a visit at Bear Mountain where you can see him.
Yea Ken, what's up? Hope things are going well. We miss your antics. what was he calling Jack and Denny??? :wink: :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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