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Hunny's Smokin'

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Thats right, Southern smoked BBQ. Scheduled to open this Friday or Saturday at the four lane at Pleasant. This is my good friends business and promises to have some of the best smoked meat you can find. Homemade just about everything, including the BBQ sauce. Look for the trailer at the four lane this weekend.

Half price on everything for the LE guys up there and free water also.
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Do to some unforeseen circumstances there has been a delay in the opening. Looking at 1-2 weeks now. Please keep an eye out at the four lane in the coming weeks.

By the way, it is owned and operated by a local fisherman/hunter. A really nice guy and great cookin.
Is he setup out here in surprise anywhere????
No he had a few problems getting the trailer in time so its gonna be a week or so before everything is finished. At this point is just going to be a part time thing on the weekends as far as I know. I will definately post updates when I get them.
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