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He said it, we knew it! BoatCop Sucks as a hunting partner. We find the guy what? Two? Three hundred birds? How many does he nail? Three! Talk about embarassing? Our ears are still ringing from all the random shotgun blasts. Ya think a cop would know how to shoot? We ain't huntin for him no more until he gets to the range and brings us some 98/100's back to prove he can shoot. Where's the ASPCA when ya need 'em? Just look at the predicament he got me into last year!!

So anyone out there need some damn good dogs to hunt with? Bring us some proof YOU can shoot and we're yours. Heck we ain't go nothing better to do.


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Hey GSP, I'm not a hunter, but I can see you've taught your brown dog the art of camouflage. Great job!! I can also see your black dog read up on Boat Cop's posting and you raised him up with doggie skills to be a perfectionistic out in the field!! I'm impressed!! 8)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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