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I agree with Glenn Beck..McCain SUCKS!

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Sept. 21, 2009 Glenn Beck: McCain Worse Than Obama

Fox News Host Tells Katie Couric That he Might Have Voted for Hillary Clinton over 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee

Glenn Beck: McCain Would've Been Worse[/COLOR][/URL] Controversial Fox News host Glenn Beck tells Katie Couric he thinks GOP nominee John McCain would have been worse for the country than Hillary Clinton or Pres. Barack Obama. Go to for more.

In an interview for the inaugural installment of @katiecouric, the new Web show hosted by Katie Couric[/COLOR][/B][/URL], Glenn Beck said that he thinks "John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama."

Beck, the Fox News personality, radio host and author, also said that he may have voted for Hillary Clinton over McCain had Clinton been the Democratic nominee in 2008.

"I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think I would have much preferred her as president and may have voted for her against John McCain," Beck told Couric.

Prompted to elaborate by the CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor, Beck said he thinks "McCain is this weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt was."

"I think John McCain would have been worse," he continued, laughing. "How about this? I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama. How’s that?"
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2010 elections will be here soon, I hope we can get enough people who feel the same way. It's time are elected officials realize that they work for us and it's not a lifetime appointment.
+1 Time to clean house in 2010!!
But Joe Biden would be better than Obama right now
I am hoping to see a decent candidate run against McCain in the primary so we can vote his two faced ass out before the general. He is better than a liberal but not by much. He needs to go.
Lets Hope... I agree with all the above replies...These assclowns are always years behind on policy... they can't see whats happening .. even when its right in their face!

P.S. why can't our 2 senators support the 287g law?... Why don't they condemm Jack Napolitino for watering it down?
Whoever is the incumbent on the Arizona ballot....I'm voting for whoever is running against them. Get em' "ALL" out! Let's see what somebody else can do.
hey cj hows the fishin been?boat running good???????????
hey cj hows the fishin been?boat running good???????????

Fishing sucks... Its Arizona... Are you trying to ask/say something????

I have been fishing/hunting in AZ for 45 yrs [i'm 55]I mostly hunt... when I get a tag.. But I help the Kids locate game and take the little ones fishing... You can quit the Subliminal bullshit and ask me straight-up.:moon:. I will either tell you its none of your beeswax or **** -off...depends on the ?... last boat i rented ran great [ willow beach last month].. but the fishing stunk
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