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I beat MVD today for a change (OHV sticker on a Ninja)

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I have been building my own custom Dual Sport motorcycle and today took it through a level 3 inspection, emissions and then on to get a title and tags as well as an OHV sticker to reduce my registration costs and avoid the hassles by "the man" when off road. Took 3 hours total and two levels off MVD management to get it done but I now have the one and only Ninja with an OHV sticker. :eek::eek:

I love it when I can use a silly new law like the OHV sticker against the state that forced it down our throats as a revenue maker for them. :hump::Iconrotfl

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sweet idea, I Love it, now, how to get out of payin taxes.
Awesome idea. Nice to see a loophole used by one of us little people and not the corporate bastards.:biggrin:
way to get it done! are you always going to carry those wood blocks with you? lol
nice lookn bike
how dose she handle over woops or off the doubles lol
nice bike, wtg
Looks awesome. All that work and you didn't modify the Now thats funny.. Besure and take some pics of her in the desert.
a ninja dual sport,what is it a 600?that will be one mean trailbike!nice,theese ohv stickers are a joke!
I see a lot of traffic stops in your future....
I see a lot of traffic stops in your future....

Had my first one today coming home from MVD by a motor officer. He walked around it twice looking and pulled me over to check on the three day permit I was showing even though it was just taken out YESTERDAY. I think he just wanted to get a better look and he did too. No "coupons" written and I was on my way with him following for a mile or so.
I expected some nucli eyes some where on it, nice little engine glow at night

How does it handle on the trail, i cannot see the rear suspension has that been upgraded? It looks like a fun ride just seems it would be a little squirrely. Post some action pics when you get it out
We are taking it up the back way to Crown King in the morning so I'll let you know how she does but on the highway its rock solid stable. Yes the rear has an upgrade.
Won't it be hard to keep the front tire from slipping out. I would think the tank is too big to get enough of your body weight on the front. Be careful.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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