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I don't know why this bugs me..

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..and maybe it shouldn't.

Today, while driving down Olive Ave, I was stopped at the light at Olive and 67th avenues and I noticed on the southeast corner a large, black billboard. On the billboard was the seal of Maricopa County and big, yellow text that said "If you own owe taxes", then below that, the web site address where you can pay on-line.

I guess the part that bugs me most is here we have another government entity appearing as some kind of thug, demanding that it's citizens pay their taxes. I mean, come on, we already know that..and pay them, even if we don't agree with their assesments.

I don't just bugs the crap out of me.
(yes, I pay my taxes)
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WOW no shit. I drive that road every day and never seen it, I will have to get a pic of it.
thats pretty tacky.

And the taxes you are paying are for that sign.
Who paid for that? That is what pisses me off. A broke government doesn't need to waste money on a sign. The public knows they need to pay their taxes. DUHHHHHH. The only problem is people are broke and can't afford to pay their taxes.
You know they treat us like we are ignorant, but the way they do things is hipocracy.
Once you have the picture send it to Leno.
Along those same lines...A City of Phoenix gal knocked on my door a month or so ago and I answered and she proceeded to tell me with a slight attitude,that they were going around our neighborhood to inform us of a recycle contamination problem they had in our area. I asked what exactly she meant by "contamination" and she said she could not be specific but if it continued we would be fined. I promptly told her to kiss my entire ass and slammed the door in her face. As she stood there I again opened the door and told her to quit bothering law abiding, tax paying citizens and to get off my property. I called the CoP and they said the contamination was people were not recycling properly and mixed non-recyclables in the blue cans. Talk about a crock of BS. The city must be hurting pretty bad when they have to go door to door threatening people.
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The same one is on the I10 East around the tunnel.
Next year it will be worse. Less tax money equals a lot more hard times for us. Look how many people are un-employed. Nevermind the government numbers because they are full of shit. Un-employed people can't pay taxes. They should have taken that tarp money and created jobs. The average work week for full time employees is around 32 hours now. That is 20 percent un-employment right there. Businesses are also doing way less business which equals less tax money.
There's another one on WB 143 between University and I-10....when I saw the sign it made me think of those images you see on the news in China, Russia, Iraq, Cuba of their beloved leaders. A stern reminder that big brother is watching you.
I've seen them around. It's funny cause it reminded me of the movie, V for Vendetta..

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I thought I was the only one who saw that movie.....scared the h*ll out of me.
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