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I got car problems

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I have a 1998 blazer and I just put a new battery in it. I was driving down the 101 today and I just lost all throttle. I put it to the floor and no response. I was "dead in the water" in 4 o'clock traffic right at the construction by the 60. Everything else is working. Think its the fuel pump? Usually when I first start it I let the fuel pump do its thing (buzzzzzz) and then I turn the ignition. But now I get a very faint "buzzzzzz" when I turn the key and it just turns and turns but will not fire. Anybody who can help please help. I'm pretty sure it's the fuel pump but i am hoping it is something simple since a new pump is around $300. And unfortuneately right now thats a lot of coin for me to spend.Thank you all.
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check the fuel filter it might be clogged
Think that would cause it to die and not sputter and just be done?
do you got spark? the module insise the distributer gave me fits on mine for a long time.
for almost a year it would die at the exact same spot every time replaced it an it went out 4 months later. I replaced them like 6 times, havent had to replace once since I got a factory one. I have a 1990 pick up

shoot Mr. Bass a PM

I've seen the throttle body injection systems so gunked up they have caused this problem. But its a GM and their fuel pumps always have sucked!
first thing to check is as boomey said the fuel filter,cheap and easiest first,
Bad ground somewhere would be my guess.

Take it to a cash for clunkers dealer.
My Tahoe did the same thing coming back from Cali a few years back, died going 80. I first checked the filter and electrical, it was the fuel pump. If yours has not gone out before, your due.
Take it to a cash for clunkers dealer.

that's great advice!

I agree it must be fuel!!! Does it ever take a long time to turn over?
Most likely it is the fuel pump. Bad fuel pump can also blow the fuse for it. Good luck.
I agree it is the pump as well. I had a 96 Blazer, and while it never died on me while I was driving, it did die once while I was stopped at a stoplight. This was after a few days of hard to no starting. Had a can of carb cleaner, and when it would not start, I would put a shot of it into the throttle body and it would fire right up.

Check NAPA for the pump. As I recall, I paid just over $200 there for mine. Wasn't a real difficult job to replace it with less than a quarter tank of fuel. If you do decide to DIY, and it is like mine was, there is a small line on top of the fuel tank near the front that I was not aware of until the plastic fitting on the tank broke. Also, you might want to think about replacing the hoses between the filler and the tank, as I had to cut mine off.
in tank fuel pump they put a pre filter looks like a little sock on the end of the pump, that is what goes south,AZ has really dirty gas the pre filter gets pluged up and burns up your fuel pump very common.
No joke, the catalytic converter probably blew and clogged up the muffler. You're gonna need to replace both of them...
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