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I hate getting stood up at the last minute

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Man it happened to me again, my friend calls about 3 hours before we were going to leave for Canyon and says he inst going. I need to new people that want to fish!!!! I have a few but they only go once in a while, and I need it more often, fishing that is. Maybe I should check out the Chandler club. Or just find someone who likes to fish in the eves and night at Canyone. Anyone??????
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HAHA I know what you mean , Ive been stuck quite a few times during tournys and it sucks.

Kurt and I havent had that problem, one of us will miss a prefish day either him or I but we dont miss tournys, and we usually know pleanty of time in advance if one of us isnt going to make it.

Sometimes shit happens but when its habit forming it sucks.

Add reliability to the list of what to look for in a partner.
I have to agree,but having an understanding partner is nice also. I dont know about all the rest of you,but some of our jobs take us away from the good times. I would MUCH rather be out prefishing then working,but that wount keep food on my table at this point in my life. When my hobbie can support my family then the tables will turn. Now and then me and del have both had things come up that stop us from fishing. BUT when we fish for money on tourny day it`s a different story.
Hey Whad101, are you still fishing Canyon at night this time of year? My fishing friends cancel out frequently and I end of going alone alotalso....hence my handle, "Lone Ranger." I have a 20' 6" Ranger that I fish out of as it is big enough and stable enough for an old timer. Do you have a boat you fish out of? Are you looking to fish with other people or have others fish with you?
Kurt good thing we cancelled last night, that temp filling came loose while I was sleeping, Good thing I got a new prescription of PAIN pills yesterday.

5 min epoxy seems like it fixed it, that crap taste nasty :roll:

Toss me a line if you want someone to go with you or Lone Ranger
I am always at Canyon at least 3 to 4 nights a week. I will get parking fee and chip in for gas and share my baits with you.

Houston R,
Gold Canyon Bait Co.
gcbaitman, are you still fishing Canyon at night this time of year now that it has cooled down?
Lone Ranger, Gcbaitman

Yes I fish Canyon at night, I think it's the best time. I have a 14 foot fiberglass mirrocraft with some modifications I did myself will get a pic on here soon. It has a 50's Evenrude 15hp motor. It has a deck seat up front that I never use lol because the trolling motor is in the back and I drive. It's a good little dingy with a finder on it with new carpet. Im hanging on to 32 years of age for a few more months and love to fish. I can go friday nights, and time sat, and sunday morns. Have gone durring the week but not too often due to I usually work early in the morn durring the week. Let me know what you all have going on!!!!
Whod101, let me get your email address. Email me directly at: [email protected]. Thanks.
GCbaitman, email me directly at [email protected]. I'd like to get your email address also. Thanks.

here is the e-mail address, just let me know [email protected]
Yep this is one of my best times of year to fish on Canyon it is quite even though I would prefer to have some wave action from the other boats but thats okay. This time of year is a great time for very large smallies and the water is calm for most of the night
and midnight topwater is fun :D I will send my addy to you Mr.Harris and Whod101. I am going tonight at about 6:00 pm till
about 1:00 Am I will be at Boulder flinging swimbaits around the dock :shock: Trout under a heatlamp is what I say!! lol the buffet table is set.

Hey gcbaitman, I hope the gourmet table is set for the bass at Boulder tonight for you. I'm sure those hawgs would like some trout for dinner! :)
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