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I need a hand for 5 minutes tomorrow...

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If any of you guys are going to be around Chandler tomorrow evening I could really use a hand for literally 30 seconds.

I need to flip my boat over, It's already off the trailer and on stands, I just need to flip it over so I can begin repairing and bluprinting the hull.

I will take as many people willing to come over. The boat is about 1,200 right now and 18', thinking at least 8 guys?

Thinking about 5pm, I'm on the corner of Queen Creek & Alma School? I'll by the beer, and I drink the good stuff, just let me know what you like!

Shoot me a PM if you can help, I will be sure to repay the favor!

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unless this evening works for a few of you... I can have 5 us there tonight at 5pm
I'll be there... do you want me to bring the motor hoist?
Ya sure man that would be great, we may not need it but just in case. If it's to big I can swing by with the truck
With a title like that I thought there would be lots more lewd jokes on this one...
Got her done! Thanks again Sid, that engine hoist sure made it a lot easier!

Don't fear the itch!
no problem man. It did take a bit more than 5 minutes... but I think it went well. I can still taste the gas. Let me know when you start the glass work.
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