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Illegal Aliens Kill 9,000 Americans Yearly

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More Americans are killed by illegal aliens in just one year than were killed in the entire Iraq War.

From the San Diego-based website :

* Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, quoted from a Congressional Report, "Drawing a Line in the Sand" which reveals 25 Americans are killed every day by illegal aliens. The estimate is 12 are murdered and 13 killed in traffic violations, mostly from drunk driving; over 9,000 Americans killed every year.

* Larry Wallace, Director, California Department of Justice, warned that the budget cuts to combat transnational gangs which this initiative restores have the potential of increasing crime rates throughout the state.

* Estimated 60% of gangs in Los Angeles County are illegal aliens. CA Dept. of Corrections states illegal aliens are over-represented in prison, 25% are illegal in LA County system.

KTLA reported in 2009 an estimated 400,000 gang members statewide.
Estimated 40,000 gang members in Los Angeles. Mayor Villaraigosa said on KTLA that there are four times as many gang members as police; approximately 45% of homicides are gang related.

California spends almost $1 Billion annually to incarcerate illegal aliens. In 2011, $928M, and the Obama administration will reimburse only $65.8M. Illegal aliens currently comprise 18% of prison inmates. Six percent of California's population is here unlawfully.

* The Sacramento Bee reported that the three most common arrests of illegal aliens are for lewd conduct, robbery and second degree murder.

* Researchers report 420,000 illegal alien sexual predators with an average of four victims each. An estimated one hundred sexual predators enter illegally every day.

I guess they're just doing the crimes that americans wont do...

Illegal Aliens Kill 9,000 Americans Yearly. Do you want them deported?
If you don't want them deported then why do you want more dead Americans?

Each year illegal aliens kill three times more people than all of the people that died on 9/11. And three times times the number of soldiers that died in Iraq.

Those Who Hire Illegal Aliens Cause Americans 9,125 Deaths Annually
Frosty Wooldridge

Iowa’s United States Congressman Steve King told a crowd in Des Moines in June, “Illegal aliens cause the death of 25 American citizens every day…13 by drunken driving and 12 by stabbings or gun fire.”

That daily figure adds up to 9,125 deaths annually caused primarily by illegal alien Mexicans residing in America.

Mike Rosen, radio talk show host in Denver, said it wasn’t significant when you consider our country of 300 million.

A listener corrected him, “It’s not significant unless it’s your father or family member who gets killed.”
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A listener corrected him, “It’s not significant unless it’s your father or family member who gets killed.”

How true is that!
The pooor little bastard that pulled out in front of me didn't speak a lick of english. The car he borrowed was insured. Who do you think gets to pay that bill? And his bills, he was hauled off in a red bus.
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