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I'm Jealous

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I want to be like Ray! This dude has two sweet boats in the garage, and look at the over head storage on the ceiling! Nice garage too! Ad&boatid=BBC1405.20081014.115620

Just go to page "7" on the tabs and look for the red Champion Elite!
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That is NICE!

It's also a sign of the times.

I don't know Ray...yet I think he's in a cash-raising spot due to the Real Estate Market ane other macro-economic factors.

But Hey! Our Saviour Obama will surely make it worse for Ole Ray! Prolly we'll see the other rooms attached to that Killer Man Cave and all their glorious furnishings up for sale on another site pretty soon too!

(Hey Ray...Nothing personal...No-Doc and Alt-A loans fugged many of us Westerners.)
Man has way too much money! Nice rigs and garage. MAN CAVE!
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