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I'm PISSED at B.A.S.S.!!!!!

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I don't know if you folks got the hardback book from the "Ultimate Bass Fishing Library", but I was scammed as well as every member of B.A.S.S.! I thought that it was a book they sent since we are all members in good standing. WRONG!! :x It's one of those @[email protected]%* sucker programs that you have to stop yourself or they are going to keep sending you books along with a bill! I sure miss the old B.A.S.S. and am seriously thinking of cancelling my subscribtion! Now I have to send the book back and pay shipping, or pay $9 and send a cancellation letter with the money! What a bunch of crap! I guess I was expecting more from a supposed reputable company that prints the magazine of the real american favorite pass time. I'm cancelling my subscribtion and I'm just pissed. The only thing I'm going to miss is "Harry and Charlie" at the end of the magazine.

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Free Book

John, Don't send it back or pay. This discussion has taken place on the Bass Fishing Home Page every time one of these organizations sends out these books. Usually BASS, sometimes NAFC, etc. You are not obligated to pay for any unsolicited items sent to you via mail. Some folks said they called BASS and were told to keep the book. Someone said it's mentioned, in small letters, somewhere on the "statement". Enjoy the book, although they said it's just a regurgitation of past Bassmaster articles. Jeff
Yeah its a load of steamy dog crap. They actually just put out a decent book, not sure of the name though, wher e each pro has a page or two on his favorite tatic, but the way they hustle their books just sucks buttcheek. I changed from BASS to BASSWEST, seems like ever since ESPN got their hands on them they went into the crapper.
Don't blame ESPN - blame B.A.S.S. for taking the recent steps to "improve". The televised Classic in New Orleans was somewhat disappointing indicating a new direction they are trying to head. I think one of their biggest influences now is Busch Beer and the fact Busch is pumping so much money into the organization B.A.S.S. is slowly evolving into something we traditionally knew different.
B.A.S.S Book

Ya I got mine to and threw away the box and then figured out it was not free. I'm not going to waste my time and money sending back something I did not ask for. I just blew it off. I'm under that same impression that something you recieve in the mail that you did not ask for is not responsiblity to send back.
Everyone settle down!

BASS has been doing this for years, long before the ESPN takeover. They used to send out the yearly planner and then ask for payment. If you receive something in the mail that is unsolicited by you, you can keep it as a gift with no obligations. I have several planners and the secrets of the pro's book and never paid a dime and never heard one thing from BASS. It's chincy marketing at best so don't let it get to you. BASS is on full throttle so I expect some minor mistakes, but I believe in the end we will all be better off as bass fisherman. JMHO! Best of luck1
I got the unwanted book too. I called and said I didn't want it but it was too much hassle to send it back. The lady didn't even hesitate. She said, "Then don't pay for it!" I thought she was joking but she was serious. She also had my name removed from the book list, so I shouldn't get scammed next year. It looks nice on the coffee table though. 8)
Where is my book

Free stuff, I love this, and as a member I want one now!!!!!!!!
I sent an email to B.A.S.S. yesterday. I cancelled my subscription and feel so much better in doing so! I still think this is B.S. and will not subscribe in the future. If I have to join the Federation to start fishing tournaments again, I will pay what ever fee required, but they can keep their rag and their unscroupulous marketing ploys! So far, Bass West is the mag for me. I hope they don't go the way of B.A.S.S.

Thanks for letting me vent. I feal so much better now LOL! :lol:
Whoops! I'm at work, so I didn't log in. The above post was from JohnSWA :oops:
if you people would read the letter that comes with the book it says you are not obligated to buy anything if you don't want it send it back with the postage paid provided. It also says if you read it further there are some hypothetical questions and it says in there that there is no obligation to send money. You people have no right to be ticked off at bass just yourselves for not reading all of the information.

I also got the Daily Planner just yesterday. The wife sent the other book with all the "Pros secrets" back cause we thought you'd have to pay for them. Thanks for all the info, because it is a hassle to return it. I'm also in the process of contacting B.A.S.S. and telling them to knock off the bullshit or I will cancel my subscription! Wayne
So what about the letter that they send to tell you that your a dead beat a pay the Bill? I just got that yesterday. I looked in the trash but I musta already taken the trash out! Nice book though!
i cancelled my sub. about 1 1/2 yrs ago when the reality set in that these clowns (b.a.s.s.) don't seem to realize that bass fishing does exist west of texas and we have some sticks! you can fish deeper than 10 ft.. :wink:
Right on D shot! I just got an email back from B.A.S.S. with an apology and a promise of a refund for the ballance of my subscription! I feel so much better now that I'm not a part of that scam outfit. No more bass master mag for me! Man that feels good! Don't forget to get your B.A.S.S. credit card and collectable coins and all of the other bogus, unscroupulous market ploys! I know there is sooooooo much more, I'm going to miss these guys sooooo bad! LOL! :lol:
Im amember of bass and i didnt get one :( . I am also a member of infisherman mag, they sent me a move with the same deal. It said to pay for it, or send dit back. I didnt do either. They havent bugged me about it, so i am keeping it!
I used to subscribe to In-Fisherman too. I stopped because there's not a whole lot of Musky or Pike in the area. I didn't get a whole lot of useful information from that mag. I just feel like I'm being taken advantage of when folks send me stuff and expect me to send it back if I don't want it. I don't care who the company is. If you do this to me, you're losing my business! JMHO :wink:

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