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I am headed there for a extended weekend, with a 4 yr old grandson. Hoping to give him a fun time and hook him of fishing. Any suggestions would be helpful. Any fish on a hook for a 4 yr old is better than an empty hook. Any species suggestions would be appreciated. I have a boat so I can tiake him to your directions.

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Roosevelt has been really slow lately. You might try nightcrawlers and a bobber around the tires and ends of the docks at the Marina for Bluegill. I caught a lot of very small bass 3-4" on a small top water close to the shore all over the lake. Crappie has been slow as well but there is a guy that fishes at the Marina who is picking up 4 or 5 a morning with minnows. On the other hand Apache has been doing a little better in the bass department, and Bluegill are plentiful along the shorelines. Goodluck Fever :D
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