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Info Please

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I need some information on these crappie tournaments.AZCA members only?I have 2 prostetic legs so it is hard for me to go out and join up if I am by myself.Been trying though.I don't know anything about crappie tournaments except how to catch a bunch of them,like bag limits,any live bait allowed,you know things that you should know.I'm done with the bass thing,would rather spend my time doing something I like.Let me know.Thanks.
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pm "piscolli" he can help you more than anyone

Jack's right. PM Piscolli. He'll fill you in.

There is an AZCA crappie event the weekend of October 10th at Roosevelt. We don't have "tournaments" as the bass guys do. We do, however, have a few weekend events per year with a contest/derby for crappie and sometimes we have a small derby during the day of our monthly meetings at the lake.

There is, however, a crappie tournament up at Roosevelt the weekend of october 3rd (I think it's actually Sunday October 4th, 2009) called the "Little Red Schoolhouse" tournament. Just do a search here on AZBZ and you'll see Art Chamberlains post on it. There should be a few AZCA folks there. Get up there and show Rambo, Chamberlain and Leroy how it's done.

Hope to see you soon.

Has anyone here won a crappie tournament?
Has anyone here won a crappie tournament?
Yes, all the derby winners are zoners.
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