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It might really happen.

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I might actually go to plez in the morning if no one calls. Any news on striper boils? We haven't been out in 3 months.
thanks phaz
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Come on some of you **** have been up bumping uglys with your bff and must have seen some boils. I in no way meant champ riding the love boat.
i got nothing for ya phaz been too hot for me to fish plez. been up north off and on all summer.. sorry bro' no recent striper chasing here. but humbug castle and the tires is where i'd start. maybe the river too..all i can do is guess.
Hey Mike, the A/C unit you installed for me is acting up. Think you can come out to fix it in the morning?
hit the river early last time i was up there a week ago they where thick on the graph and hitting the top.
They are sometimes just right out front of the tires pretty thick, humbug on some days and of course the river. I have yet to catch anything big in the river this year, the boils are fast and weary up there.

All this info and I have only fished the AM boils twice so go with someone else info if you can.
Bill get a spray botttle and a fan and hang in there. Thanks guys we will try humbug.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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