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Thank you to all the teams who came out and fished with us today.

1st Place: Reynolds and Carroll 14.69lbs $2700
2nd Place: Stachowski and Valenzuela 12.59lbs $1450
3rd Place: Cook and Hallock 10.55lbs $900
4th Place: Watson and Hines 10.52lbs $600
5th Place: Mason and Dalby 10.12lbs $400
6th Place: Kearny and Kreuzer 9.97lbs
7th Place: Thompson and Randall 9.90lbs
8th Place: Graffa and Larrabee 9.73lbs
9th Place: Lawrence and Shattenburg 9.55lbs
10th Place: Alvarez and Nay 9.51lbs

We are currently working on getting the JackAz website updated and looking to setting up a Facebook page as well. Thank you to everyone and hope to see more teams at the future tournaments.

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