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JayMan81,you da man!

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Just want to give a shout out for Jason,aka: JayMan81, gave him a call last night about 5pm, about my computer.he drove all the way up to our house,had my computer running like new in a couple hours.saved me big $$ by not having to buy a new one. PM him for all your computer issues. Thanks again Jason!
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Thank you both for your kind words. Vic, it was a pleasure meeting you and you wife last night and I am glad that we were able to get the system running faster for you and that it was a fairly simple fix. I hope that the steps that we took will keep you sailing for a while longer and keep you out there enjoying the Zone! Thanks again got the kind words and I look forward to seeing you on the lake.

Jason is a good people, he worked on my computer (I sat there with my usual clueless computer look) and got my data backed up and working and even taught me how to post pics on the zone (course I will call him before I try since I forgot everything, and ain't got nuttin to post lately!!)
He's also a great guy to take fishing, very kind, nice manners!
And when he sings, rainbows appear..

I say we kill Del:evil: and have Jayman take the helm...JK DEL
I had the pleasure of meeting JM in Jackass, we were both chasing boils, cool dude...
Thanks for the props gents. I have said it before and will say it again now...this is an awesome place full of great people. It has amazed me just how diverse and far reaching the zone is and how "connected" we all are. Not only can you learn about the lakes and techniques you can get a dose of politics, ask for a million and one opinions, find work, advice and make a ton of great friends and acquaintances. You all are awesome!
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