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Hey Joe, I did not know if you were aware that you got a respond back from Randall on the other site. :twisted: Try as he may, he can never make up for what he has done to so many people, at least most are on to him now! Good Luck :x

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Yea he called me yesterday out the blue :shock: .He was trying to tell me he has nothing todo with what happend. So I proceded to explain that he told me he would take care of my warranty work.
So after talking to him for awhile he took my hull # from my boat to see what he could do ( yea right) He also asked if i would bring my boat down there to get the work done :shock: .I told him he must be insane. i dont trust him he has promised to do this before. I dont think he will call me back. I have spoken with Jon Andrews at tracker or the az boat store. He is supposed to get back with me today or fri.
WE'll see what happens

AG office is in touch with them :D

Joe C
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