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Hey josh this is mike here(aka buzz). Definately you should come up for fishing trip to my lake. I also have another friend that is a die hard bass fisherman, and really lives for the sport. Me and him are thinking of joining the bass federation club, that JB has informed me about. Im in canada as we speak, again right on the lake, and i have been catching amazing smallmouth. Ive caught like 25 so far, but all have been above 2 pounds. So far my biggest is a 3.5, and its going great. I know im living a dream on the lake, i have a boat at my fingertips whenever i want, and the fishing on my lake is good. I just need to get a fishfinder, which i think im gonna buy when i get back. But in the future we should definately set up a time to meet, and get in some good fishing, cause i dont really have that many friends that fish. Nice talking to ya, and good luck on the water,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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