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Just got this in an email.

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This is a 9/11 video:

I can remember what it was like that day. I was at a lumber yard back in Michigan and One of the old guys in the lumberyard walked up and said " How old are you?" I responded: 19 years old. The old guy says. Pack your bags you'll be going to War. I asked what he meant. He then told me what was going on. He then followed with one of those "When I was your age stories". Every year I see these videos and It brings back memories like it was yesterday.

I can also recall my yourger brother at the time saying I will go over there. He was 13 at the time. I never thought it would happen. But He leaves on Feb 8th for Boot camp. I am proud of that little shit.

I am thankful for all the Men and Women who are serving our country and All those who gave their lives. To all of you who have served or still are serving Thank you for everything you are doing to protect our country. God Bless all of you
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I was "bag dragging" getting ready to deploy to Spain on the 12th for a seven months as a Navy Seabee. that day will stay with me forever. I was pissed that we were not headed to ground zero for disaster recovery. I ended up in Cuba that December and built Camp X-Ray. It was crazy being right next to some of those f'ers!
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