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Having trouble with my '97 Mercury XR-6 150 HP.

I have a '97 Merc. 150 XR-6 and I'm using a Hot Foot. When I put the motor into gear (all the way down), I can hear and feel the motor go into gear where it should but sometimes when I apply gas (to pick up speed) I'm experiencing a kachunk and feeling a "heavy" impact or knock in the motor/lower unit. It kind of feels like it's going out of gear. This never has happened once I get speed or when I'm running at or near wide open throttle. It only happens when I'm going from idle or very slow speed to get up on plane.

Any one ever have this happen or have any suggestions???

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Sounds like its not going into gear all the way.

Check the cable.

Also drain the lower unit oil and look for metal chips


The way you make it sound is the clutch dog is worn out. or a pin is broke inside.

drain the oil and check for metal, if its broker there will be lots of metal and crap.


1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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