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Keep an eye on your money!!!!!!!

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Someone got my wifes debit card # and tried to rack some crap up...Fraud protection called us right away and cancelled everything. We were lucky at least so far.

For those of you that dont know call one of the 3 credit beareaus and put a fraud alert on your credit report for 90 days of 6 months. We do this all the time. Basically nobody can open any credit cards in your name without them calling you and asking you 20 questions??? Its nice to have, just more protection. Better safe than sorry, just thought I would share some knowlege to those that have never been victimized.

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I got a call today from a company to verify an order I had supposedly placed. Had to call cabela's and have them cancel my card and issue a new one. The credit fraud investigators are going to give me a call later. We'll see what happens. You're right adicted you need to cover you ass.
Our Capital One CC fraud department got ahold of us Friday..someone trying to make an order with our card #..this is 3rd time in last 3 years..make sure your CC company has a good fraud detection system.
Desert Schools called me yesterday and I had a charge from South Carolina and Sierra Vista. Cancelled my card and issued a new one.
my credit union said that VISA had a security breach last week on their end that was effecting quite a few people, they were contacting the people that they knew had been effected
Man... looks like Lashani64s homeboy is all over town now!
Man... looks like Lashani64s homeboy is all over town now!
What is that????
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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