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The fishing here at Amistad continues to be above average. We are continuing in steady summer patterns. Lake Amistad water temps are in the low 80’s and the lake’s water level has been staying steady at approx. 1112 ft above sea level.

Current Patterns -

Shallow: Topwaters are effective in the early morning hours over deep water around schooling bait. The edges of the shallow grass (5-10 feet) are also productive in the morning hours. Crankbaits, rattle baits, and spinnerbaits have been producing in these conditions. Once the sun gets up high you should move back out, as the mid-depth to deep water techniques for much better for consistent action and success.

Mid-Depth: Grass in this depth zone is growing fast and beginning to mat up in some areas. I have been working plastics in the 10-20ft depth range for best results and a shot at some of the bigger active fish. Most of my success is coming around the outside edge of the grass, but I am also periodically catching some while punching the grass with heavy weighted plastics and jigs. The punching bite should continue to get stronger though the summer and into the fall.

Deep: The deep bite is probably the easiest and most consistent bite to locate. Jigs worked in 25-40 feet are producing some fish as well as drop-shotting deep creek channel ledges as well as river channel ledges.

Fishing Forecast Tip: Continue looking for matted and dense areas of pond weed. Shallow oriented fish will get all around this vegetation due to much of the bait utilizing it as well. Flipping and Frogs are the most productive methods for producing strikes in this stuff.

See you on the Lake,
Kurt Dove
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