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My boat came with an x15 and an x85 on it, which are fine, but I prefer the Bottomline 5100 unit. The pixel count is higher giving better deep water detail, and it is very simple to use. We replaced the standard dropshot weight with brass/glass, and had double hooks rigged. One about 4'' above the weight and another close to 3 1/2' up the line. We also caught most of our better fish on my 10''ultimate finesse worms. Which is simply a 10'' soft very flexible finesse worm that is extremely small in diameter, about 1/2 the diameter of a standard 4'' worm. This long length and small diameter cause the worm to constantly flex and ungulate in the water. The fish we caught were right on the bottom next to trees, or they were suspended up right on the ends of points. By using heavier weights, we were also able to put about a foot of slack in the line and really shake the worm without moving the bait.
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