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Lake Pleasant

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What a nice lake you all have Westsiders :D We fished from 7am till 11:30am. Most of our fish came right on the bank in a shelf line of 20 - 25ft. We fished up in the arm and it was pretty quite not many boats. Few ds and a few on softjerks. Hopefully they will be there next week.
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Chris, Here's where they usually close the river:

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60 yds? If you bought one of those new $500 Shimano computer controlled reels you could still cast to it from the no entry buoys! :wink:
What am I thinking Chris? I feel so bad. Its not your fault you didn't know where they closed the river and you won't be able to fish your best spot. So I'm thinking, how can I help Slotking out?

Well, Delw will probably be ticked at me for a couple days, but what the heck, here's the map with all his spots marked in red. hope this helps. :D

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