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I had an opportunity to take a couple of my young single adults (Drew and Mark Hatch) from my church that never get to fish, to Lake Powell today and did they get a workout!

We began with them fishing bait for stripers and from 8:30 - 10:30 they caught 65 and said they'd had enough of the 'no talent approach' and so we then toured the lake a bit, hit Dangling Rope Marina for ice cream and lunch, and then went bass fishing. They picked up on that pretty quickly as well using the Ned Rig and another 45 fish got added before we quit at 3:30. Once again another big bass was on but snookered the one newbie just before he could land it. The bass fishing was NOT as good as it had been the previous 5 weeks but we could've stayed and caught hundreds more stripers if that had not got old so soon.

Low 80's air temp in PM, low 70's water temp, lake rising several feet a week now

Sam Sherwood
Mesa, AZ


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