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Last Two Fridays (Lake Pleasant)

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Fished early AM the last two Fiday mornings. Day and night; last week the overcast morning and wind out of the west produced an awesome topwater bite. We caught over 50 fish that morning LM, Whites and Stripers. The largest LM < 2lbs, largest Striper > 3½lbs. All fish caught on Spooks, Sammies, Rico's and Gun Fish. Great morning!

Today was a little differentI went out solo. The wind for the most part was out of the north but I did manage 4 LM's largest going 2¾lbs, a bunch of various sized Whites and one 2lbs Striper. Most of my fish came off of a Spook Jr except one LM I caught on a DS. Still a nice morning until the sun came out and scared me off of the lake.:biggrin:

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it was incredibly slower today than earlier in the week?? think it was shad amnesty day?
....until the sun came out and scared me off of the lake.:biggrin:


isn't that the truth! good stuff!
today was heaven compared to this last monday!!! it is bad when I leave the lake with boils still happening because I look like a pot roast simmering in a crock pot!!!
Thanks for the report! I'll be taken out some "newbies" and another friend these next 2 wknds. Try to get them interested in stripers, then switch'em over!
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