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Liar's Korner Sidewalk Sale

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Anyone out in the eastside sunday may want to stop by Liar's Korner in Mesa. Richard is having a sidewalk sale from 10a - 4p this Sunday, blow out prices like 50 cent pack power worms, $2 strike king spinnerbaits, and much more. Stop by if you get a chance!
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i will be there!!!!
What are the crossroads of Liars corner?
They are on Main st/Apache Trail just east of ellsworth on the south side of the road.
i'll be there!
Sorry joey they said no homos
I will be stopping by. Thanks for the heads up
I picked up 3 Lucky Crafts for $15, a soft bag with Plano's in it for $10, a 100 pack of 7" Power Worms for $6, and several cranks and traps for $4 each.

Soft tackle bags $10-20
River2Sea cranks, poppers, stick baits- $4
Yozuri cranks and lipless- $4
Excalibur cranks, lipless, poppers, stick baits- $4
Lucky Craft jerks (skin)- $5
Plano boxes- $2
Power Worms- 50 cents/bag
Jigs and spinnerbaits- $1
Castaic Platinum swimbaits
Money Minnows- $2
Robo beaver type baits
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Some sweet deals I got 10 packs of money minnows , Plano boxes, and some other things for under 25 $
Damn! For you guys that didn't go to the sidewalk sale...........You frickin Missed Out! There was some absolutely insane deals! :shock:

My wife was with me and after seeing the ridiculous pricing Richard had on all of the stuff, she even started throwing things in a basket! :icon_attnwhore:

She said the greatest find was the blow out on polarized sunglasses. It was obviously too good to pass up and she got herself two new pairs, one for driving and the other for the boat! :hump:

Personally I think all the stuff was incredibly priced. I got a bunch of crankbaits that were originally $13-$15 for $2-$3 each, SUFIX Siege and Elite line for $2 a spool, and Plano boxes for $1-$2...And these weren't the cheapies either, they were the FlipSider and CDS boxes!

Incredible sale Richard!


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Just got home and added it up,I paid 48 bucks and came back with a plano soft sack with 4 flip boxes and plenty of room for the medicine cabinet.Got a year wrth of robos,6 cranks and a spool of trilene maxx. Walmart No!
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